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QUEST Integration Benefits

Find out more about the services & benefits of Kaiser Permanente’s QUEST Integration program.

QUEST Integration Handbook

Get more information here QUEST Integration member handbook. The member handbook is also available in paper form without charge and will be mailed to you upon request within five (5) business days. Please see the Contact Us section below to reach customer service to request a copy. 

Drug Formulary

Find Kaiser Permanente's QUEST Integration Drug Formulary here Drug Formulary.

Provider Directory

Find out about our QUEST Integration providers here Kaiser Permanente Provider Directory

If you qualify, you may be able to get services from our Long Term Services and Support Providers found here Long Term Services and Support Providers Directory

Advance Health Care Directive

At Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, we support your right to make decisions regarding your health care. We want to know how to manage your health care when you can no longer tell us. In fact, we encourage you to make these important decisions now, when you’re healthy. With an advance health care directive, you can take charge of your health care and help ensure that your wishes will be respected.   

By putting your wishes in writing, you can be sure that your family and health care team will know what to do if you become unable to make decisions for yourself. By clarifying your wishes when you’re able to think clearly about them, you free your family from having to make difficult decisions for you. Your completed document(s) will be available 24 hours a day from Kaiser Permanente.   

All staff and physicians shall make every reasonable effort to educate members regarding advance health care directives, actively support the preparation and execution of written directives, and honor oral and written instructions in accordance with applicable law and organizational policy.  

Although there are no institutional conscientious objections put in place by Kaiser Permanente Hawaii, our health care providers may decline to comply with an individual’s advance directive for reasons of conscience. In cases where an individual’s advance directive is contrary to generally accepted standards of medical care, our health care providers and facilities may decline to comply with it. However, if the provider or facility refuses to comply, they must:  

  • Promptly inform the patient and any decision maker for the patient
  • Provide continuing care until a transfer can be arranged
  • Assist in the transfer of the patient to another health care provider or institution that is willing to comply with the instructions  

If you want more information, or to request a forms packet, please contact our QUEST Integration Call Center at 808-432-5330 (Oahu), 1-800-651-2237 (neighbor islands), or 711 (TTY).

Complaints concerning noncompliance with the advance directive requirements may be filed with the Hawaii State Department of Health, Office of Health Care Assurance, 601 Kamokila Blvd., Room 395, Kapolei, Hawaii 96707.

Click this link to find the form for Advance Health Care Directive. There are no services we object to based on moral or religious grounds. Additional information on Hawaii's state laws related to Advance Health Care Directives can be found in the link here Advance Health Care Directive law.  

Prior Authorization

If you are a member, or the parent of a child who is a member, click on this link to access your Prior Authorizations online. 

Service Coordination

Service coordination is available to members with special health care needs who live in a home, community setting, or long-term care facility.

Do you qualify?

How can I reach my service coordinator?

Service Plan

If you are a member, click on this link to access your Service Plan online. If you are not a member or if you are the parent of a child who is a member, please call your service coordinator at 808-432-5330 or email us at kpquest@kp.org to request a copy.

Explanation of Benefits

If you are a member, click on this link to access your Explanation of Benefits online. If you are not a member or if you are the parent of a child who is a member, please call Customer Service at 808-432-5330 or email us at kpquest@kp.org to request a copy.

Get After-Hours Advice

We have registered nurses available to give you medical advice when you need it.  Please call the 24/7 Advice Line at 808-432-2000 (Oahu), 808-243-6000 (Maui), 711 TTY for hearing/speech impaired. the Advice Line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Change Information

To tell us about a name change, a change in family size, a change in PCP or to request a change in service coordinator, please use the information below.

Contact Us

For more information about Kaiser Permanente QUEST Integration benefits and services, please call our customer service at: