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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. Can I see my own doctor?

If you are a Kaiser Permanente member and you are converting to a Kaiser Permanente QUEST Integration program, you will still receive care from your Kaiser Permanente doctors.

If you do not already have a Kaiser Permanente doctor (or “Primary Care Physician”) you will be able to choose from our outstanding doctors at the Kaiser Permanente Hawaii clinic of your choice on the island on which you live.

Learn more about choosing your Kaiser Permanente doctor or see our Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Physician Directory and our Long Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Provider Directory on the benefits page.

2. Can I see a specialist?

As a Kaiser Permanente member, you’ll work with your primary care doctor to set up a referral with needed specialists within our network.

There are also certain specialists and services that do not need a referral from your doctor. Those include:

  • Behavioral Health Services
  • Alcohol and drug treatment
  • Mental health service
  • Family Practice
  • Health Education
  • Internal Medicine
  • Medication Counseling
  • Nutrition Counseling
  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Pediatrics
  • Social Work

3. What are my benefits?

As a Kaiser Permanente QUEST Integration member, you will have access to the entire network of Kaiser Permanente physicians and services.

To find out more about your QUEST Integration coverage, please read our Kaiser Permanente QUEST Integration Member Handbook on the benefits page.

4. How do I apply?

The Hawaii State Department of Health and Human Services manages QUEST Integration enrollment.  To read more about the application process, please visit the DHS website at or call the DHS office at the numbers below:

Oahu .............................. 808-524-3370
Neighbor Islands........... 1-800-316-8005 (toll free)

5. Which doctors can I see?

As a Kaiser Permanente QUEST Integration member, you’ll have access the entire network of our doctors and the ability to change your doctor at any time. 

6. Which drugs are covered?

The Kaiser Permanente QUEST Integration program covers those drugs in our formulary, which is a list a drugs that have been approved for our members by our Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. Your doctor and other clinicians use the formulary to help determine the safest, most effective drugs to prescribe for you.

Non-formulary drugs are generally not covered by your plan. They are used only if you do not respond to formulary drugs or if you have special circumstances that need non-formulary drugs.

To check if a medication is included in the formulary, please contact our Customer Service Center (Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to noon) at:

or view the Kaiser Permanente Hawaii QUEST Integration formulary on the Benefits page found here Benefits | KP Quest Hawaii

7. Who can I call for more information?

For more information, please call Kaiser Permanente QUEST Integration customer service at :

808-432-5330 or 1-800-651-2237 (toll-free)
Monday – Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (except state holidays) or dial 1-877-447-5990 (toll free TTY for the hearing/speech impaired).

8. Where can I learn more about QUEST?

You can find out more about the Hawaii QUEST Integration program from the Hawaii State Department of Human Services (DHS) at their website at or by calling the DHS office at the numbers below:

Oahu .............................. 808-524-3370
Neighbor Islands........... 1-800-316-8005

9. How do I change my PCP?

You can change your PCP through

Please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: log into
  • Step 2: Under 'Find doctors & locations', enter the location
  • Step 3: In the 'Doctor search results', select PCPs accepting new patients
  • Step 4: Review the PCP list and choose a PCP
  • Step 5: Click on the 'Choose me' button to change your PCP
  • Step 6: Confirm the change and you are done

10. How do I contact my Health Coordinator?

For members assigned to a Health Coordinator, you can email them directly through

Please follow these steps:

  • Step 1: log into
  • Step 2: Select compose an email. In the Message Center window, select the 'Compose' button
  • Step 3: In the 'Send a message to' window, select the 'Doctor's office'
  • Step 4: In the 'Compose' window, select your Health Coordinator from the 'Choose a recipient' list under the 'TO:' box
  • Step 5: Select a subject and type a message, then send the email to your Service Coordinator

11. How do I schedule a Video Visit?

Many ways to get care safely

No matter your health needs, you have many ways to get care. Primary care, specialty care, and mental health services are available online, by phone, or in person. Primary care video visits are available for both routine and same-day care appointments, and emergency departments are open for those who need immediate care. Whenever possible, start by connecting with your care team from the safety and comfort of your home by visiting

Video visits now available

Hawaii members can now schedule a convenient video visit with a primary care physician or provider using their computer or mobile device. To book a video visit, log on to, then click Appointments > Schedule an Appointment > Primary Care with ANY Provider. At the bottom of the screen, select “Video visit with any provider.” After answering a few questions about your condition, you can choose a location, physician or provider, and a date and time for your video visit.

You can also call to schedule a video visit. On Oahu, call 808-432-2000; Maui/Molokai/Lanai, call 808-243-6000; Hawaii Island, call 808-334-4400; and on Kauai, call 808-246-5600. TTY: 711.

12. If I'm a minor, how do I keep my services confidential?

At registration for an appointment, if you are a teen (14-17 years old) you can request confidential services without the consent of a parent or guardian for services permitted under HI State law (includes: pregnancy, family planning, sexually transmitted diseases, mental health treatment or counseling, or drug/alcohol treatment). You will be registered for confidential clinic correspondence (address and phone number) and confidential billing. KP’s clinic staff will enter this information into KP’s Health Connect system to ensure correspondence and billing are kept confidential and linked to confidential guarantor.